Baseball Tourism in Baltimore, Maryland

Despite meeting in Minnesota, my husband and I both grew up in Texas. We spent our youth watching the Texas Rangers, and were always fans. They were never all that great when we were kids, but we watched them anyway. (Lucky for us, we did have the Dallas Cowboys, which won a lot during our […]

Offbeat Los Angeles – Abandoned Zoo in Griffith Park

Griffith Park feels like the antithesis of downtown Los Angeles. I felt like I could stretch out and breathe in this gorgeous green space. There are several reasons to take the trip out to Griffith Park like a view of the Hollywood sign, an Observatory with a Tesla coil (!) and frequent art instillation and events. But […]

Scotts Bluff National Monument, Nebraska

Before the midwest became known as the “flyover states”, it was known as the territory you had to travel through to go west. Wagon train upon wagon train traveled through this vast land at 10 to 20 miles a day as they attempted to find their family’s fortune during the “Great Emigration.” They traveled using trails […]

Visiting the Vast Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota

2016 is an important year for the National Park Service marking their 100th birthday. National Parks truly were America’s “best idea” and I urge you to get out and visit as many as you can, including those that are off the beaten path. This past summer we did just that when we had the opportunity […]

Sunrise at Big Bear Lake Trailhead, Rocky Mountains NP Colorado

Crowded beyond belief from mid morning onward, the Big Bear Lake Trailhead is one that you get up early to access. Quite a few popular trails begin there. You’ll be almost alone on your way up, and pass a million people on your way down. I promise you’ll be thanking me for getting you up […]